Shaman Chardonnay

  Shaman Chardonnay Wine – white semi-sweet     10,5%0,75l Producer: Garling Description White, semi-sweet wine with a bright yellow color. Aroma full of bananas, with a distinct pineapple. It works great as an addition to fruit salads or fish dishes in light sauces. Serving temperature: 8-12 0 C.     ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Shaman Merlot

  Shaman Merlot Wine – red semi-sweet     10,5%0,75l Producer: Garling Description Red, semi-sweet wine. Good for dried meats and simple pasta. Serving temperature: 14-17 0 C.     ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Poppies Merlot

  Poppies Merlot Wine – red semi-sweet     10 – 12%0,75l Producer: Ungheni vin Description A red, semi-sweet wine with a dark red color, a distinctly fruity aroma. It is worth serving to roast poultry and lamb. Serving temperature: 14-17 0 C.     ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Poppies Sauvignon Blanc

  Poppies Sauvignon Blanc Wine – white semi-sweet     10 – 12%0,75l Producer: Ungheni vin Description White, semi-sweet wine with a bouquet of citrus, broken by the aromas of ripe gooseberries and freshly cut grass. Serving temperature: 8-12 0 C.     ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


  DQ VODKA Vodka     40%1,0 l   Description DQ Vodka means Distilled Quality. This exclusive vodka is produced from spring water and the best wheat coming from local crops. It has a rich mild flavour. The carefully crafted bottles consist of nine elements and  are assembled by hand. Inside of  the bottle there is an aluminium rod which keeps the temperature of the vodka low after cooling.       ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Luxury Precious

  Luxury Precious Vodka  Vodka     40%0,7l Producer: Jewel Lines Description Precious Vodka  is made from winter wheat which is subject to a careful selection – only 10% of the annual harvest is chosen for the distillation, and thanks to six times by distillation and filtration through activated charcoal the quality of this exclusive alcohol is the highest possible. After the distillation process Precious Vodka is diluted with spring water which is rich in minerals and adds  natural gently lemony


  Akdov Ultimate Vodka Vodka     40%0,7l   Description It has a beautiful yellow gold colour with amber hues. The aroma : fresh, with pleasant notes of vanilla. The flavour: noticeable notes of coffee beans and dried fruit followed by tobacco and liquorice. The finish note is of a very long, elegant and pleasant sweetness. Serve at room temperature. Ideal in combination with smoked salmon.       ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


  Alpha Noble Vodka     40%1,0l   Description It is made with only the highest quality of raw materials  – French wheat and crystal-clear spring water. The unique method of its manufacture consists of six-time distillation, double filtration and cooling to the temperature below 0°C. Alpha Noble is an ultra premium vodka.       ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


  Black Cow Vodka Vodka     40%0,70l   Description This vodka is produced from cow’s milk. It undergoes a specific production process. It uses the whey that results from the separation of the curd grains. The whey is subjected to fermentation which results in the so-called “milk beer”. It is distilled three times giving rise to vodka mild in taste with delicate notes of vanilla and cinnamon.       ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


  Black Moth Truffle Vodka Vodka     40%0,70l   Description The vodka is made from the European Perigord truffles. Thanks to five-time distillation and triple filtration, we can enjoy its smooth and delicate taste. It is suitable for drinking on its own and in cocktails, but also in the kitchen. Perfectly highlights the taste of seafood and fish, but drink with meat, for example lamb. It is also recommended for desserts like Panna Cotta.       ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

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