About Us

The company history begins in 1989 when a company based on a Polish family capital is created. From the very beginning direction of the company is clearly defined and closely linked to the wholesale and retail of FMCG products, mostly alcohol.

At present the company is a strong and reliable partner for both foreign companies and domestic producers in which seventy skilled traders deal with the customer service.

The business is based on ten Distribution Centres with the total storage capacity of about 10 000 m². The company has its own transport fleet which is composed of more than 60 vans and trucks. This allows for efficient service of 4 500 customers per month who are supplied with more than 1,200 products.

The Mission

The mission of the company based on the Polish family capital is to create a sustainable future for the Polish trade.

In its portfolio the company has a unique offer of products dedicated to Polish stores unavailable in foreign networks.

The Vision

It is the company ambition to achieve the status of the leader of Polish spirits distributors. We want to accomplish the goal by systematic increase of sales based on a broad portfolio of products and the innovative approach to the needs of consumers.

The Board

Dominik Adamczyk – the President

Andrzej Gos – Member of the Board, the Director of Development

Stanisław Wołczyk – Member of the Board, the Financial Director  

Jarosław Grabarczyk – Member of the Board, the Commercial Director


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